Ill are the primary antagonists in March Story.


Ill are demons that reside in a piece of art work or in any physical object of craft. When the will or emotions of the creator or owner of an object is strong enough it will give birth to an Ill. They lurk in beautiful objects, hoping to be noticed by a human. They awaken in response to the person's desires and then takes possession through their eye contact. 


Ills do not have a true appearance but during a possession they can alter the possessed's form to suit them.

The most notable sign of this possession is a pair of horns that manifest on the head. They  begin as small and white but once they have killed they will turn larger and blood red.


Every Ill has it's own personality and when it possesses a human it is driven by a base desire. They can be harmless or bloodthirsty it all depends.


Possession- The main weapon a Ill possesses. With it they can possess any lliving thing once touched. This is done by ennticement and manipulation of the person's tornment or current emotions.

Ill Powers- During battle each Ill has its own unique set of attacks or abilities. One example is how March's theme is thorns or Orche the Masked summons a gun and can fly.

Known Ill possessed peopleEdit


  • Though not having the ability to move outside of what they possess an Ill can speak to whomever comes near them, enticing them to touch the object.
  • March is the only known human that has control of her Ill as of the recent chapter, not counting Yovell since she was only pregnant with her Ill, not in control.