Lady Janjaghee
Biographical Information
Occupation: Blood Countess

Ringmaster of Cirque de Rouge

Race' Ill
Age: Unknown



Blood Weapons

Iron Claw

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black/Red
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter 4

Lady Janjaghee is a major antagonist in March Story.


Janjaghee is a beautiful woman with long blond hair styled with pitch black eyes and is always in a extravagant gown. Her hair is usually styled in curls or down and wavy. 

After she is reborn is has the appearance of a adolesent girl with the same length blonde hair and long pointed red horns. When she absorbs Jake's blood she forms a open chest torso gown with a draped back and long sleeves.


She is vain and only wants to show her beauty and extravagance at the cost of other people's lives. She is quickly angered by anything she considers not beautiful or someone calling her disgusting or ugly. Her vanity is equal to her bloodthirst.


Not much is shown of her past, but it is shown that she was a flower seller as a young girl and ended up catching the eye of a nobleman. The noble promised to buy all her flowers, provided she come to his home. Sadly, this was all but a ploy to lure Janjaghee in the noble's clutches, wherein she was molested and taken as his wife. Despite this incident, she enjoyed the life of wealth she was given, provided she "stay the noble's pretty flower." But when she started to mature, the noble threw her out, much to her tearful protest. This caused her to develop a complex to want to stay beautiful no matter what by any means. After that and some point before meeting March she came across an Ill and began to soked in the blood of maidens to keep her young.



The Ill that possesses her is of a iron claw. After her rebirth it seems to be more concerned with drapery and netting rather than the claw, possibly it evolved along with her.

Ill AbilitiesEdit

Blood Flowers- She points her finger with the claw upwards and blows on it, sending a wisp of flowers towards her target.

Blood Butterflies- 

Blood Hammer of Destruction-

Blood Drapes- 

Blood Nets- 


  • Her obsession with youthfulness and bathing in maidens blood is very similar to Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess.