Pircollet copy
Biographical Information
Occupation: Clown
Race' Human
Age: Unknown



Crescent Earrings

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter 1

Pircollet is a minor tritagonist in March Story. She acts as a clown in her father's circus and was possessed by an Ill.


She has blonde hair pulled back in two tight knots on her head with dull blue eyes. She is seen dressed as a clown most of the time in a sleeveless short flared dress with droplet circle designs a puffy collar and striped stockings and pointy shoes and a small clown hat.

As a Ill her makeup becomes darker and smeared [to emphasis her crying] and small white Ill horns.


Pircolette is a girl with low self esteem, being looked down upon for her poor clown skills, but is passionate about what she truly wants to do, but she feels held back and alone, something the Ill prays upon.

When possessed she becomes completely psychotic and has a thirst to kill for fun.



  • Left Earring
  • Right Earring
The Ill that possessed Picollet is actually a set of 2 earrings. One of the earrings was already captured by March, but the other was missing.

Picollet found it later after meeting March while getting ready in her dressing room and out of curiousity she put it on, becoming possessed by the Ill's will.

Ill AbiltiesEdit

Shard of Death

Shard of Death- While possessed Pircolette summons a crescent shaped energy by flicking the earring and slashes it in the air towards March, but it is easily broken by her thorns.


  • Being a set of 2, the first earring could have had a taste to kill family as Pircolette almost killed her father and that in the beginning the first earring had already killed multiple people in that girl's home.