The Never-Ending "MARCH" Story is the 24th and final chapter of March Story.


Character DebutEdit

  • Kelpas's Grandchild (mentioned)


  • "Jake.. can you hear me? Have you been happily reunited with your beloved? We're all doing well here. Jake did you ever Sir Lawerence felt about you? I wonder...why do we fall in love? Time remains frozen in it's tracks. In the end, it's only human beings who march onward, ever changing...ever buffeted by the tides of fate...finding one another, losing one another, all coming together as one in the end like the waters of a great rushing river. Can I tell you something Jake? Rodin and I are to be married. Even if all of the seasons we've spent together were to melt away as the spring breezes melt the snows of winter in their wake, my heart will be filled with drifts of blooming flowers. With the story woven of tears and the lost melody I carry forever within, I'll walk onward toward the dazzling light. A new life journey now begins. You'll watch over me won't you Jake? Watch over me, 'til the end. I love you" - March's lament to Jake 


  • In the epilogue it shows Hena had the tarot card The Lovers, which was used in Chapter 19 of Volume 4 when Jake was divining his fortune. However it shows Jake was in possession of it at the end so how he got ahold of it is unknown.
  • Kelpas mentions that her son and his wife now have a child, so the final chapter could be a year or longer since the defeat of Janjaghee.