Zen is a minor character on March Story.


Zen is a slender young woman with blonde hair in forward pigtails with freckles and wears a simple farm dress and apron with brown lace up boots.


Zen and Orrche had been childhood friends and competed with one another to improve their mask making abilities, but Zen appeared to always win these contests. During their last contest together Zen's mask was so beautiful it caused Orche to run away and drop his mask in defeat. She ran after him but she stepped on it by accident and it broke. She caught him in her house later that night after he had put on the Ill mask. 



Mask Making- Zen comes from a family of mask makers and is thus very skilled in this art, making other jealous of her craftsmanship and elegant beauty of her work.


  • Her and Orche's love has been described as Romeo and Juliet "Two lovers never meant to be together" similar to March and Rodin's relationship.